This morning Tom Arnold is trending on Twitter, and not for a good reason. As Twitchy reported, yesterday Tom lost his ever-loving mind because Kanye West gave a shout out to Candace Owens, going on a seriously ugly, sexist and quite frankly racist tweetstorm.

We’ve made fun of Tom before when he’s been annoying or somewhat gross, but he really outdid himself this time, going so far as to deleting one particularly awful tweet … that we have.

See, he’s cranky.

Sounds pretty misogynistic to us, Tom. Just our humble opinion.

Tom said some pretty horrible things.


People don’t seem all that intimidated by this threat, Tom.

It’s not like Candace started this fight with Tom. *shrug*

Tom is a defensive rage-monkey, he doesn’t have time to ‘learn things,’ silly.

At least he’s finally entertaining, right?


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