Kamala Harris remains committed to robbing from hardworking American taxpayers to give a bunch of freebies to people who don’t do anything but vote for her. Seriously. Either she’s denser than a 20-pound bag of flour on the bottom of the ocean or she’s a disingenuous hack pandering for votes …

Maybe a little bit of both.

Who does she thinks pays for all of her promises?

Hey, if she wants to write some checks for all of this free stuff she should go right on ahead, but making this promise based on the idea that she will tax those of us who work hard for these very things to pay for those who don’t do jack or squat is horse manure at best.

What she said.

Ooooh, good idea. No more salaries for elected officials – dig it.

But hey, free stuff, man!


Do we get a free unicorn too?! Count us IN, Kamala.

Eventually, Kamala will run out of people to rob for her voter base, and then what?

She knows her voters won’t think twice about where the money comes from because most of them don’t pay taxes anyway.

Maybe we should remind Kamala that government doesn’t actually make anything, so for it to give something to someone it must first take it from someone else.

Not that she’ll care.


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