But of course, Tariq Nasheed is blaming the shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee on white supremacy.

McDonald’s could get his order wrong and he’d call it white supremacy.

The weathermen could make a mistake with the weather and he’d call it white supremacy.

You know that face you make when the uncle no one talks to in the family shows up in a clown costume at your family reunion? Just made that face, twice.

Then again, at least Tariq isn’t blaming the gun, right?

Not a whole lot of sane naked people wandering into a Waffle House with a firearm, regardless of skin color.

Oh yeah, Reinking was arrested for being in a restricted area outside the White House. He also allegedly thought Taylor Swift was stalking him …

Ultimately this is the real issue when it comes to the Left. They’re not overly concerned about dealing with WHY Reinking opened fire at a Waffle House (unless like Tariq they can blame it on evil white people), they just want to take away the HOW aka the gun. If they were serious about putting a stop to gun violence they would start focusing on parts of this country that are consumed with it, like parts of Chicago.

Huh, where have we heard this story before?

Tariq did answer James:

Yes, we know Tariq, everything is about white supremacy.

We heard you the first time.


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