As Twitchy reported earlier, Kanye West tweeted his support and admiration for Candace Owens yesterday and the Left lost their d*mn minds … more so than usual. From Tom Arnold to Perez Hilton to Shaun King, the massive amount of butthurt was impressive.

Seriously, look at this from King:

Shaun. Is. White.

And doesn’t that make him a white guy harassing a black woman? We thought he was against that?

Luckily Candace Owens hit back HARD.


Shaun had one more tweet after his ‘scold’ above:

We didn’t include his thread on Black Lives Matter.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

But Shaun doesn’t like it when minorities disagree with him politically – seems he takes it very personally.

He totally had this drop coming.

And MAN, was it ever a DROP.

Honestly, we’re shocked Shaun doesn’t have Candace blocked considering he has the majority of people he disagrees with hidden so he can live in his happy little bubble.

Even so, we’re pretty sure he won’t be answering her question anytime soon.


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