If you recall, John Brennan was having a serious hissy fit about one of Donald Trump’s tweets at the beginning of this month.

Well, he had a couple of hissy fits this month, but the big one was at the beginning of the month.

Over this tweet.

Gosh, you’d think such a menial and harmless tweet from Trump about his approval ratings wouldn’t be a big deal but apparently, it got under Brennan’s skin for some reason.

Maybe it was all of the time he spent working for Clinton … that could make anyone cranky.

Whoopty freakin’ doo, John. You served six presidents. What, do you want a gold star or something?

And really, we’re pretty sure Brennan shouldn’t use Clinton or Obama as examples of presidents who didn’t care about their own self-interests.


Good times.

We could have gone our whole lives without having this visual aid, thanks.

But he served under six presidents and stuff!

It really has gotten tired, hasn’t it? Watching the Democrats care more about dunking on Trump than they do about making sure this country is successful.

Then again, let’s not pretend they actually have anything to run on other than hating and dunking on Trump.


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