Take a SEAT! S.E. Cupp puts John Cusack in his place with just 1 tweet and it’s GLORIOUS

Posted at 4:28 pm on April 17, 2018 by Sam Janney

John Cusack is strange.

Ok, so we all knew that from his behavior over the years, but this tweet about S.E. Cupp comes off as … well, creepy weird.


We realize he was trying to impress his followers for taking on the big, mean Conservative woman but c’mon man:

Uniformed cowardly conservative?


Honestly, we’re shocked John Cusack didn’t have S.E. Cupp blocked considering this guy has roughly 99% of Twitter blocked.

The irony of him whining about anyone blocking him is THICK.


And boom.

Take a seat.

HAAAA. Perfect!

You’re gonna have to pick one.



And not even close.

S.E. Cupp has a way of taking out the trash and smiling while she does it.


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