You know what they say about tigers and how they never really change their stripes?

Wonder if the same can be said of Jimmy Kimmel …

Super classy Jimmy.

We especially like how he pretends to hump her from behind when she can’t see him.

A real gentleman indeed.

These people.

This. ^

The Man Show was fairly successful because of gross behavior like this, so it’s not all that shocking to see this footage from the show. But, when Jimmy spends a good deal of his time now pretending he’s some sort of advocate for women’s rights (remember how he apologized to Hannity and made a #MeToo dig at him), this sort of behavior makes him look like a giant hypocrite.

At least not for him.

Bad look, Jimmy.


Ooooh, that’s right.

And since he’s a Lefty it’s ‘all in good fun,’ right?


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