Kurt Eichenwald had a really rough week last week.

Getting into a fight with a Parkland student, then telling people he didn’t recognize the student all while he was apparently contacting a psychologist ‘friend’ to evaluate this particular student for mental illness.

Even though he claimed he didn’t know who he was.

Then there was a mixup with Vanity Fair and whether or not he was a contributor (turns out he’s not) … and a whole lot of other drama involving tin foil and tentacles. So it was no surprise to many when his account went dark, until today.

Where he was inspired to share this tidbit with Twitter.

Oh wait, we didn’t mean to use that tweet ALTHOUGH it sounds fishy to us.


No, no, no, we meant to use this one:

Kurt will have to forgive us if we can’t take him all that seriously when it comes to his claiming how long he’s been covering the business world … and let’s not pretend he actually has anything positive to say about any actual Republican.

This seems to have had the opposite effect, Kurt.


Thinking this won’t be going away anytime soon, Kurt.

Tough crowd, man.


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