The Women’s March has come out in full support of Backpage, which is a site that has been shut down and whose founder has been charged in a human-trafficking investigation.

We get that women’s rights advocates have been pushing for the legalization of prostitution for years and years, but if the site is endangering women, men, and even children this should give the Women’s March pause in supporting it.

Then again, these are the same women who have been openly supporting Louis Farrakhan …

This is the tweet the Women’s March was responding to:

So it’s patriarchal to want to protect innocent people from being used in sex work.


Rosanna Arquette had this to say:


There is nothing empowering about being used by a pimp.

But hey, at least the schedule is flexible, right?

It’s all about that work-life balance ya’ know.

Here’s the founder of Backpage, Jerome Elam:

From USA Today:

A founder of a 45-year-old alternative weekly newspaper in Phoenix has been charged in the apparent culmination of a federal human-trafficking investigation.

Michael Lacey, 69, of Sedona, Ariz., who helped build a nationwide media empire out of the Phoenix New Times, was charged Friday as part a 93-count indictment that remained sealed late Friday, according to Lacey’s lawyer, Larry Kazan.

But tell us more about how this doesn’t involve human trafficking, Women’s March.

Girl power and stuff!

Something like that.

Women’s March confuses themselves.

It’s best to not even try and understand them …


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