Chelsea Handler thinks her dog is her daughter.

And sure, there are plenty of people who treat their dog(s) as a member of their family (fur babies), but Chelsea took it a step further and politicized her pet.


What her ‘daughter’ misses is that there are many female representatives in government; of course, she doesn’t count the women who disagree politically with her, especially not the women who are actually getting things done and working in the Trump administration, so she probably missed a few.

Look at the way she treats Sarah Sanders.


Ok, maybe Chelsea should let the dog tweet, surely ‘her’ tweets won’t be this stupid.

Wouldn’t hold your breath on this one.

You can’t expect Chelsea to actually know anything about the women she attacks, they’re evil Republicans.


Something like that.



Chelsea has such a busy life that she takes photos of her dog and posts them on Twitter.

Dafuq x2?

It’s hard to take Chelsea seriously about ‘women’s rights’ when she clearly only cares about the rights of certain women.

Need another example of how she treats Republican women? Check this out:

Get your vagina on straight.

Alrighty then.


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