Poor Joss Whedon, he wished Trump would ‘quietly die’ in a tweet last week and MIRACULOUSLY he was suspended.

Right? We were shocked …

Then again, he was more than likely locked for a short amount of time while he removed the tweet, which is nothing like really being suspended and losing your account. But that didn’t stop him from throwing a mini-tantrum, how dare they treat him like the little people?!

Wha? TFG.

This tweet probably seemed way more clever and witty in his giant noggin before he sent it.

Interestingly enough, if a jock, weird girl, socialite and a rebel tweeted about wanting Trump to die a quiet death they would likely lose their accounts (at least), but sure Joss, you and your blue check are the real victims here.

And their businesses destroyed.




Way to go dude.

But Truuuuuuuuuump.

Like we said, poor Joss.



Hello? Secret Service? Joss Whedon hopes Donald Trump will ‘just quietly die’

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