Would someone please hide Alyssa Milano’s soapbox for just a few days? We get it, she is trying to tweet super serious stuff so people will take her super seriously but umm … no. Her tweets just come across as more noise from a seemingly bored has-been with too much time on her hands.

Like this ‘letter’ to Trump:

Melodramatic much, Alyssa?

And we literally already have all of those things in America.

  • Equality? Check.
  • Gun reform? 10’s of thousands of laws ALREADY on the books about guns.
  • Justice? Check.
  • Healthcare? On the mend (hopefully) now that we’ve gotten rid of the mandate.
  • EPA? Yeah, no.
  • Civil Rights? What decade does she think she’s living in?
  • Equal Pay? Do equal work with an equal background.
  • Immigration? Everyone supports LEGAL IMMIGRATION, Alyssa.

You guys lost, so yes, good won.


Wait, you mean she should actually do something instead of bitch and moan on Twitter?


That’s a good point. Didn’t Obama fix all of this stuff already?



And while we’re not sure Trump is necessarily ‘good’, he’s a damn sight better than Hillary Clinton.

Man, these tweets get LONG when they include lists.

Right?! Isn’t she ADORBS?!


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