Call us crazy but killing an innocent, unborn baby seems like the complete opposite of ‘equal opportunity,’ but we stopped expecting Kamala Harris to actually think before she tweets months and months ago.

This gem she tweeted late Saturday night is exceptionally gross:


The only way for women to have equal opportunity in America is if we have the ability to kill unborn babies. Ass-sphincter says what? And you know what’s pathetic is she really thinks enabling women to avoid responsibility for the bad choices WE MAKE is somehow empowerment.

Otherwise, why would she tweet such ridiculous horse manure?

Wait, don’t answer that.


Right? If men would stop having all of those abortions women could stop too.

*serious amounts of eye roll*

You’d think ‘equal opportunity’ would include the right to live, eh? Doesn’t seem like such a controversial take but then again, this is Kamala ‘Gorsuch-Follows-the-Law-Too-Much’ Harris we’re talking about so it’s not exactly shocking that she doesn’t actually understand what having equal opportunity really means.

She’s claiming women can’t be successful if they get pregnant or have kids; in other words, she sees pregnancy as a barrier or challenge.

Hey, we said that.

Bizarre and twisted is putting it mildly.


And true.


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