If only Kamala Harris cared this much about America’s homeless and the thousands of vets who go without necessary health care EVERY DAMN DAY. But tell us more about how people who have entered our country illegally aren’t getting the ‘care’ they need.

Ya’ don’t say.

Look out …

America has plenty of people who are here legally going without critical health care, and that our vets go without their needs being met is beyond reprehensible.

Funny how they always leave off the word ‘illegal’ ain’t it?

The majority of Americans welcome and even celebrate legal immigrants, they are a huge part of what makes America the amazing country it is, and it’s a gross disrespect when Dems lump them in with people who are in this country illegally.

What happened to that $2500 Obama promised us?

Let’s hear it for Obamacare!

If Kamala thought vets and the homeless would vote for Democrats she might care …

But considering this is not her typical voting base she’s far too busy pandering to the illegal immigrants she hopes will vote for her.


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