As Twitter’s own CEO shared an article about the annihilation of Conservative messaging as a ‘good read,’ we are no longer questioning whether or not there is a bias against the Right in social media.

We know there is.

Now we’re just wondering how far they’ll go with this bias. Take for example the situation popular Trump supporters Diamond and Silk are dealing with (and have been dealing with for months) on Facebook:

Gosh, Facebook didn’t get right back to Diamond and Silk?

We’re so shocked.

We can tell you why.

Unsafe to the community.


Facebook has been known to leave pages up about killing Sarah Palin, but somehow Diamond and Silk’s content is unsafe for their community?


It’s unsafe because two black women supporting the GOP runs completely counter to the Left’s narrative.


All fair questions.

Awww, that’s because Zuckerberg isn’t above making a buck on anyone.

We want answers too!


Twitter verified a jackass who made really vile jokes about a fire in the Trump Tower that left a man dead, but tell us more about how these two women of color are unsafe for Facebook’s community.


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