We wonder if Sean Spicer knows about @sean_spicier.

Honestly, this editor likes to think he does, and that he approves because the parody can say anything and everything he always wanted to say, but couldn’t. Which makes the account even funnier because the Left still thinks it’s the real Spicer.

They are so entrenched in their hate that they think a man who once worked for Trump would actually tweet these things … that or they’re just that frothy all of the time, see his avi and immediately freak out.

Maybe both.

This past week, Spicier was very busy with Easter, DACA, the Parkland students and one little dig at Hillary. Enjoy!

Mary sorta missed the boat with this musing.

And this jab about the Parkland students aka David Hogg trying to dictate gun policy:

Sounds like someone is a little cranky indeed.


*just look for the little blue check, it’s super easy folks*

Huh? This is not a good visual angry guy from Missouri with cats and flame emoji in his handle.

Fortune cookie.

And another about the ‘teens’:


Wow, talk about a drama queen.

Shamed for what exactly?

And finally, a little zinger at Hillary:

Yah Spicier! Don’t be a jerk.



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