There are few moments in a Twitchy editor’s daily routine that give us quite a jolt as watching the Sean Spicer parody @sean_spicier catch a ‘big fish’ with his tweets aka bait. He’s fooled Jim Hoft, Yahoo, Huffington Post, Bill Kristol … but this one may indeed be our favorite ‘catch’ ever.



Perhaps Kurt was distracted by another tab he had open so he could prove to his wife that tentacle porn is actually a thing. Or perhaps Spicier used a secret flashing gif that only Kurt can see and that’s why he got confused.

Or maybe he’s just a big dunderhead who jumped at the opportunity to make a dig at Trump, Spicer, and Fox before he bothered to look for the blue check.




But it’s not just the big ones who get duped that make us laugh, we giggle at any and every Twitter account who thinks he’s the real deal and screams at him over some wild tweet that most sane people know Spicer himself would never really send.

Well, that he most likely wouldn’t send.

Like these yahoos:

She should use more exclamation marks, it makes her seem so rational.


Not his house.

Considering 90% of the marchers were in their late 40’s … yeah, we don’t buy it Dustin24342931!



Big time.


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