Earlier this week, it came out that the Maryland school shooter actually killed himself, and for whatever reason, this seemed like some sort of ‘gotcha’ point from Gun-Grabbers-R-Us. Joy Reid couldn’t wait to take a dig at Dana Loesch about this news because you know, Dana has somehow become responsible for each and every gun in this country.

She’s referencing a tweet from Shannon Watts, which Dana probably couldn’t see anyway because Watts has her blocked … but whatevs.

Guns! Eleventy!

Joy. You know Dana was laughing at your logic and not the shooting.

FFS woman.

We got it.

And we imagine Joy did too, but she saw an opportunity to make Dana out to be a heartless ghoul so she took it.

On that note, you know Joy was making this exact face during this back and forth:

Hey, Joy made it personal.

Double-digit ratings on MSNBC …

And there it is, the dig at Dana working in grassroots rather than mainstream media.


C’est boom.

Guess this was just too much because Joy’s fellow mean girl Stephanie Ruhle had to dogpile on:

Ruh-roh, don’t pick on MSNBC!


Hard truth here.


Would someone please get Stephanie the tiniest violin in the world? Wow.

It was a cheap dig.

Nothing more.

Awww, how adorable, she’s thanking Stephanie for helping her attack Dana’s character and then bailing her out.


In summation:



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