The Second Amendment is cryptic and confusing to the New York Times.

Probably that whole ‘shall not be infringed’ piece that disturbs their delicate and fragile nature.

See for yourself:

From The New York Times:

The Second Amendment is just 27 words long. But those 27 words are among the most cryptic and divisive in the United States Constitution — and they are at the heart of one of the most contentious debates in American politics.

Why is the Supreme Court so reluctant to clarify them?

Umm …

You’d think.

We can imagine the NYT playing dumb about a lot of things …

but this is pretty obnoxious.

Yup. They just don’t like what SCOTUS had to say about it.

But cryptic and stuff, man.

Yeah, bro.

Thinking she’s onto something.

And an education.

He just described modern-day progressivism.

Only when it comes to topics they don’t like.

Convenient, eh?


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