Dan Bongino sent a very polite yet stern ‘warning’ to corporate America about caving to what he called the ‘liberal boycott brigade’.

He didn’t mince words:

Ask Delta or Dick’s Sporting Goods how giving into a teenager with security issues has gone for them and their earnings.

Conservatives never forget. And while we may not make a fuss and shake our fists at these companies demanding they behave as we want or we’ll shut them down, we do pick and choose very carefully where we spend our money.

Note, Conservatives are also roughly 60% of the buying power in America … but hey corporate America, whatever makes you feel woke.

This ain’t difficult.

Sad, ain’t it?

We do indeed.

Corporate America doesn’t seem to get it either.

And they are learning this painful lesson far too slowly.

All corporations need to do is stay neutral and say nothing, and sure, some Lefties will shriek that they aren’t saying anything (see Taylor Swift), but in the end, it will keep them from alienating a very large portion of their customer base.

Which is really just good business sense.