The Left is in a full-out meltdown over the success of Roseanne’s ‘reboot’ of her historic sitcom, simply because the ‘identity politics’ are focused on both sides of the aisle. It’s fine and dandy when the Left can make fun or ‘old, stodgy, evil Conservatives,’ but when Roseanne makes an example of the batsh*t crazy on the Left for some reason that’s a big no-no.

Brit Hume shared this piece from the National Review with a jab at the Dems, and it’s perfect:

From The National Review:

It’s noteworthy that this census controversy erupted the same week that the revival of Roseannedebuted to record ratings. Roseanne Barr has announced, to jeers from preening liberals and cheers and curiosity from the audience, that both she and the character she plays on television support Donald Trump. Of course it makes perfect sense that the fictional Roseanne would back the president: She represented avant la lettre his base of white voters without college degrees, hard-working parents and now grandparents from the middle of the country whose lives were changed by de-industrialization and whose concerns have not been fully reflected in either the cultural or the political discourse of the last quarter-century. As Roseanne tells her sister, a member of the Resistance, in the premiere: “He talked about jobs, Jackie. He said he’d shake things up.” That is an excellent summation of why Trump won. The fact is that economic necessity is far more important than the identity politics of Dreamers, Black Lives Matter, and YesAllWomen to members of the white working class, whose numbers are larger than we on the coasts assume.

Roseanne is onto something, and that terrifies the Left.

She has found a way to connect with middle America, who for nearly a decade has felt they were less-than and ignored. That’s a huge part of the reason Donald Trump won the election in the first place.

And these same people don’t give a damn about identity politics, they want to make sure they can put food on the table.


But not if that means Trump succeeded.

Many people hate Trump so much they want the country to fail, which is a dangerous place for a people to be. Even if you disagreed with Obama (and boy, did we ever disagree with him), many of us still wanted the country to thrive and succeed.

They’d much prefer talking about the rights of mistreated transgendered Filipino-Tilt O’Whirl-Operators than actual jobs and the economy.

And curtain.


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