What would Rob Reiner be doing if he wasn’t sitting on Twitter trying to rile his base up with paranoia and hate?

Well, we sure as Hell know he wouldn’t be busy doing a movie or a TV show right now … maybe he’s just jealous of Roseanne and that’s why he went after her.

In a subtweet.

Fox is state-run TV? Where has Rob been for the last decade?

What did he think MSNBC, NBC, and CNN were for Obama?

Buried in a hoagie.

Ok, that was mean but he had it coming.

It’s also another example of ‘what’s right for me but not for thee’, the Left is more than happy to push the media when it babysits their party. Same with our TV shows. If Roseanne’s character hated Trump and pushed the Leftist narrative people like Rob Reiner would be falling all over themselves to congratulate and promote her. But since her character supports Trump, she must be presented as some whack-job conspiracy theorist.

In a subtweet.

But someone disagrees with him! Russia! Trump! Eleventy!

What a novel idea.

No, they loved it.

That’s why they’re so mad now, things changed.

Awww yes, and many thanks to this person for actually tagging Roseanne in so she could see the nonsense Rob was spouting off about her.

We’ll let you know if she responds … if so, POPCORN!


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