Writer Jared Yates Sexton claimed on Twitter over the weekend that “multiple people at ABC” are uncomfortable with the “propagandist nature” of the “Roseanne” reboot and feel that the project is “meant to monetize Trump’s base”:

Sexton is not fan of the show, writing that the reboot “ignores the very real racism of many white working-class families”:

Roseanne Barr was having none of that, however, and fired back at Sexton, asking him to name which episodes the ABC employees were uncomfortable about. Barr then went on to outline upcoming shows that don’t seem to have anything to do with the Trump-Clinton storyline from the pilot episode:

Sexton didn’t give any examples other than the episode that’s already aired:

Has Sexton not been paying attention? Saying every Trump voter has “inherent bigotry” is “the best way to guarantee more Trump”:

And as for Sexton’s original tweet, what wrong with making money off an “underserved audience”?

They really are, aren’t they?