Mad Dog Jenna Jameson strikes again.

Last night, after Fox News Co-President Jack Abernethy announced they would not allow Laura Ingraham’s voice to be silenced by a bunch of shrieky people hiding behind a teenager, Jenna came out in full support of the statement and of Ingraham herself.

And all she had to do to freak out a bunch of sad, insecure, angry, empty men who adopt needy cats missing a leg to keep them company was tweet one simple hashtag:


The humanity.

The horror.

So Jordon likes Jenna, thinks she’s hot and enjoys her movies, but he doesn’t like how she thinks so he can’t follow her anymore.

Misogynist much there, buddy?

Ummm no. She apologized because Hogg was acting like the child he wants us all to think he is.

But nice try there, Aaron.

Jenna doesn’t work for Fox?

Although we don’t hate that idea one bit.

Hey Jack Abernethy, you should make this happen!


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