Dana Loesch changed her hairstyle and a bunch of Leftist men lost their minds.

Imagine being so intimidated by someone that a simple change to their hair or dress causes you to freak out on Twitter.

Psh, Leftist ‘men’ …

See for yourselves:

They complain about Dana not caring about children and yet when she does an entire spot on being a mother and explaining that she does care, they still attack her.

It’s sort of like what happened to Laura Ingraham, she apologized and instead of being decent human beings, the Left doubled down on destroying her completely. There is no pleasing these people, so at the end of the day, why bother.

Like Michael Ian Black:

Poor Michael.

He thinks opinions he disagrees with are bile.

Now Oliver Willis:


Not a damn thing.

These ‘boys’ really are pathetic.

And speaking of pathetic, don’t forget Marc Caputo.

Imagine the shiznit fit they’d throw if Republican male journos were attacking a Leftist woman over and over again like this. But ya’ know, Dana is a Conservative so she has it coming.

Or something.

We have no idea who this Rob guy is, but his tweet sucks too.

This guy is a social justice scribe.

Yes, that’s really a thing, apparently.



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