Oh, Alyssa.

Stop it.

What an insult to American parents, asking other countries to send letters to American kids about living ‘gun-free,’ because kids here in our country live such horrible lives. Wonder if countries like the UK will send her letters, countries that banned guns but who include cities like London whose murder rates have increased by 40% in just three years.

But guns are bad, mKAY?!

Did she really put an address out here?

Whoa boy.


We don’t see why not.

Yes. They do.

But that goes against her narrative that America and guns are bad, hence this tweet begging other countries to put America in her place when it comes to guns.

By using our kids.

Really pathetic, Alyssa.

Evil men will do evil things.

Why would she want to disarm Americans and make them more vulnerable to violence?


Funny how these Hollywood types want us to give up guns while they and their children are safely behind armed guards.

Like Chelsea Handler.

But letters!


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