Nothing sets Chelsea Handler off more than a Donald Trump tweet …

Unless of course it’s a Donald Trump tweet about the Second Amendment.

Oh brother, there she goes playing the abortion card. You’d think by now she’d have figured out this is a fail of an argument but OH NO, she just keeps royally stepping in it.

Funny how most of these people lecturing us on being armed are protected by armed security.

Does someone want to tell her what a semi-automatic weapon really is?

Because we sincerely doubt her security personnel are walking around carrying muskets …

Why even bother? Chelsea took the abortion route out of the gate, there is no reasoning with her.

Maybe Chelsea missed it, but we tried a ban on assault weapons from 1994-2004 and violent crime didn’t decrease.

She also probably missed that the gunman at Virginia Tech killed 32 people with a handgun.

Too much for her brain to handle, man.

They used rifles and handguns at Columbine.

She really needs to do a teensy bit more research if she’s going to lecture Americans who don’t have armed security protecting them on what guns they can have.


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