This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of young Americans gathered across the country to protest for REAL COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL because we believe the children are our future and stuff …

Except it was about 20% of what the organizers claimed, right around 200k people, most of which were in their late 40’s and not there to actually protest for gun control.


That it does.

From the Washington Post:

Even more interesting, the new protesters were less motivated by the issue of gun control. In fact, only 12 percent of the people who were new to protesting reported that they were motivated to join the march because of the gun-control issue, compared with 60 percent of the participants with experience protesting.

Instead, new protesters reported being motivated by the issues of peace (56 percent) and Trump (42 percent), who has been a galvanizing force for many protests.

March for Our Lives protesters were also more likely to identify as ideologically moderate. About 16 percent did so, higher than at any other protest event since the inauguration. But unsurprisingly, it was still a very liberal crowd: 79 percent identified as “left-leaning” and 89 percent reported voting for Hillary Clinton.

Interesting indeed.

Let’s do the math.

So if there were 202k people who attended and only 12% of them actually gave a damn about gun control, that means just over 24k people protested about guns in D.C. which was the largest in the country.

Who knew math could be so entertaining?

Except it should be pointed out that they actually shared stats that don’t help the gun control narrative which was, to be fair, shocking.

In fact, we still feel shocked.

We knew that.

Bus ’em in, pay for their Starbucks … done.

And as we find out more and more stats about March For Our Lives, it’s clear to see it truly was the protest the media built.


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