If Michael Ian Black had a nickel for every good idea he had about gun control he’d owe US about a billion dollars … seriously with this guy? At this point, we question if he’s not trolling because MAN, he just keeps doubling down on stupid. Tripling down in some cases.

Maybe he just wants us to write more about him on Twitchy? WE’RE ONTO YOU PAL!

Ok, probably not, but we had to write about this little exchange:

There is no either/or with the Second. It is what it is. If you’re not fond of the fundamental backbone of this country feel free to move to a country you’re more comfortable with.

Sensible manner.

B*tch please.

Nick Searcy seems as irritated as we are with Michael, maybe even more so:

Jeez is right. The guy is a walking, talking box of stupid.

Sure, it would be Constitutional if you have 2/3 states support, which you will NEVER EVER GET. As it stands, 40 states have gun rights in their state Constitutions, so no, the second isn’t going anywhere. But hey, you do you.

If we wanted mob rule we’d be a Democracy. As it stands we’re not, and this is just one of the many reasons why.

Once we strip Americans of their rights we can do whatever we please … wheeeee!

Hey, at least they stopped lying about not wanting to take our guns.


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