When we first saw this tweet pass through our timeline we thought, ‘Holy crap, is that Morgan Freeman?!’ Then we noticed the J (and thought to ourselves Morgan would likely never be this stupid on Twitter), did a search and discovered very quickly that it is a different Morgan.

From what we can gather he once directed a movie that did ok at Sundance? Otherwise, his claim to fame seems to be hating on Trump and apparently Dana Loesch.

Seems truthful tweets and reality upset Morgan’s delicate sensibilities:

Dana is personally responsible for ‘flooding’ the country with hundreds of millions of guns?


What a goombah.

Now now, Kyle, we all know Morgan J. Freeman is far too busy pushing his narrative to actually understand how the Constitution works or to place blame on those truly at fault. FYI, Morgan didn’t have the nads to actually respond to Kyle, which doesn’t surprise us one bit.

If we wanna play Morgan’s game, true.

We. Love. This.

Because it’s not convenient to their narrative.

Nobody sells more guns than gun grabbers.

So gosh, thanks, Morgan J. Freeman.


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