S.E. Cupp dropped a serious truth bomb.

One that hit a little too close for Hillary Clinton harpies:

Now, whatever your opinions on the Trump/Daniels situation may be, Cupp’s point is valid. If there was indeed an indiscretion on Trump’s part the same Republican women who have been pointing a finger at Hillary for enabling a cheater and a serial sexual harasser must also call him out.

That being said, this tweet triggered far more Hillary hounds than anything else so Republican women seem to get it, unlike Greg here:

Hillary was the victim?


Millions of women watched her stay with a man who very publicly cheated on and lied to her.



As long as she’s ‘completely’ an idiot and not just partially.


Oh brother.

Ironically this troll was more than happy to pay attention to her:


For real?


BUT. That’s how far too many women on the Left respond … they want to call Trump out but refuse to acknowledge Clinton. Which is why it’s so important for women on the Right to hold both accountable.

Her issue is with anyone pointing out that Hillary failed so many women.

Ugh, and this account:

Hard to take anyone who calls themselves Vajayjay all that seriously, just sayin’.


We saw Entitled Jackass open for Ignorant Progressive back in 99.



Holy cow.

Not at all.


And, and S.E. Cupp spoke more truth to power:



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