Earlier today, Twitchy made fun of … err … covered Chelsea Handler getting VERY defensive over her armed security and claiming they don’t carry semi-automatic weapons. Of course, we all know this is likely not true unless they’re walking around with shotguns and muskets.

Oh, we don’t think Chelsea lied per se, we just don’t think she has a damn clue what she’s talking about. As usual.

No one called her out quite as perfectly as J.R. Salzman:

We have this vision of her ‘guards’ walking around with muskets, telling people, ‘Stop. Or we’ll say stop again!’

h/t Robin Williams, may he RIP.

Most of the jackasses telling Americans we don’t need guns have armed security which not only makes them annoying, but giant hypocrites as well.

We’d like to think we had a LITTLE bit to do with that.

You’re welcome, Chelsea.



Aaaaaaand we’re dead.



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