We know.

You guys are probably almost as sick of reading about David Hogg as we are writing about him … surely his 15 minutes of fame will be up here soon. Then again, with Twitter and CNN in his pocket, it’s no surprise that no matter what happens, the Left’s ‘darling’ of progressivism keeps his head above irrelevance.

For now.

Today he went after Laura Ingraham’s sponsors, which even if you think she should not have said what she did, makes Hogg nothing more than the bully he whines about those confronting him from the Right being. It’s a sad reality of a Leftist agenda that says people who disagree with them must be destroyed.

Absolutely a fair point but we’re not holding our breath waiting for David to figure out he’s a hypocrite.

David is simply following along with the Left’s mantra that says it’s ok for them to act like bullies because people on the Right are meanies and deserve it.

In other words, if you want to get in the fight you better be prepared to take some punches.


Politics is a vicious game and a contact sport. If you can’t take the punches don’t get in the ring.


Is he for REAL? David Hogg had chance to take the high road with Laura Ingraham and royally BLEW IT

Weird. Why aren’t these black students from Stoneman Douglas HS getting equal airtime on CNN, etc.?

TAKING BETS: Will David Hogg be moved by this apology from Laura Ingraham?; UPDATE: Oh no he DI’INT!