What is Michael Ian Black trying to tell us?


From what we can tell, Michael doesn’t exactly struggle with expressing himself.

In fact, there are only a few people who are better at coming up with ideas that aren’t denser than a 20-pound bag of flour on the ocean floor than Michael.

And most of them are women so we’re pretty sure he doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Yeah, Trump is the little boy.

These people.


It’s like they want us to make fun of them.



Well, if he has to ask.



But Elliott brings up an excellent point. Why is our society so Hell-bent on making the masculine seem like a bad thing? There’s nothing wrong with an individual being who they are, but this narrative that seeks to shame alpha men is more damaging than the Left realizes.

Case in point.

A man who knows he’s the best line of defense from the evil in the world? Who understands his inherent rights don’t come from the government, who loves and cherishes his family enough to protect them whatever it takes?

The kind of man we don’t celebrate enough in this country.

Any other questions, Michael?


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