As Twitchy reported earlier, actor and comedian Michael Ian Black wasn’t just reiterating on Sunday his belief that the Second Amendment should be repealed and replaced; he was also working on some sort of explanation of how private gun ownership creates slaves of those who are unarmed.

That was Sunday afternoon and, believe it or not, he was still going at it Monday night, though how well he clarified his thoughts is up for debate.

So there’s self-induced, metaphoric slavery, and then there’s the slavery of a SWAT team surrounding your home.

So … that doesn’t really answer the question. Since the police already have all the guns, why not just hand over all of them? We’re really not sure where this is headed.

Wait, there’s more; this time, it’s a follow-up to his idea of citizens forming a contract with armed police/military for security.

Hey, it’s author and anarchist Dan Arel, who thinks we practically live in North Korea anyway.

There’s Black’s plan as we see it so far: repeal the Second Amendment, confiscate the public’s firearms, fix the judicial system, decriminalize minor offenses and create opportunity. Straightforward from here.