For whatever reason, actor-comedian Michael Ian Black seems to think he’s eminently qualified to explain the benefits of gun control to the rest of us rubes.

This was yesterday, actually. But the point still stands:

Yes, folks. He seriously said that.


But wait — there’s more!

Yeah, no:


Nah. He’ll just keep ranting, thank you very much:

Let us stop you right there:


Oh, Michael. Bless your heart.

That’s the thing, though. He’s really not smarter than this.

People aren’t ready? Yeah, Michael. That’s the problem. Has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that your gun control argument is batsh*t insane.

And that’s your choice, Michael. Don’t make the rest of us slaves to your personal aversion to guns.

You sure that’s where you want to take this, Michael?

Hey Michael. You said it, not us!