Zach Braff tired so hard to convince gun rights advocates that the Left isn’t trying to take our guns.

He even used a cute animated gif.


But sadly for Braff, nobody is buying what he’s selling except people who are already on board with giving up their guns and their rights.

So he’s technically preaching to the choir.

Good luck with that Ben.

We’re not holding our breath.

But wait, Kurt Eichenwald has some ideas … this oughta be good.

Hrm, something smells fishy.


Ok, we couldn’t help ourselves … *sits in the corner*

  1. Agreed
  2. And no
  3. Truth

But it’s not.

Nice assist from Kyle Kashuv.

Simply true indeed.

Then Kurt doubled down and wanted to lecture Ben on ‘the reality’ of guns (whoa boy, get your boots ‘cuz it’s getting deep in here):

Here’s the reality, Kurt. This editor lived in Wyoming for over a decade and there are more guns than people in the state. And this editor didn’t know a single one who agreed with this BS and would be really angry that you were trying to claim otherwise in an attempt to disarm law-abiding Americans.

Kurt knows so many gun owners.

Sure he does.

Wonder if they hang out with those magical eight-year-olds who wonder why the president hates them.



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