When Michael Ian Black isn’t calling the NRA a terrorist organization he somehow finds the time to go into Photoshop (or some other graphics software) and make ridiculous gifs mocking the military and making fools out of any teachers who are not only trained and armed but willing to carry in the classroom.

We suppose he thought these were funny.

He thought wrong.

Clueless is as clueless does.

Wonder if Michael realizes that he’s vilifying our military with these? Asking teachers who are comfortable and trained to be armed in a classroom is nothing like a man or woman serving in the military in a war.

Schmuck is right.


Honestly, we’d probably be safer if these vets were in the classrooms, but we digress.

She looks pretty badass to us.

Get a grip.

Wondering if any teachers who are fully capable of arming themselves or members of our military appreciate these lame Photoshops either.

We’re going to guess no.

And we’re also going to guess Michael doesn’t really care because if he did he’d take time to actually research the solution and see how it works for multiple states already.

Then again, it’s Michael Ian Black we’re talking about so … eh.


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