TIME journo Charlotte Alter spent a week with the #NeverAgain kids … well, all of them but one.

From TIME:

Most of these kids cannot vote, order a beer, make a hotel reservation or afford a pizza without pooling some of their allowance. On the surface, they’re not so different from previous generations of idealistic teenagers who set out to change the world, only to find it is not so easy. Yet over the past month, these students have become the central organizers of what may turn out to be the most powerful grassroots gun-reform movement in nearly two decades. For much of the rest of the country, numbed and depressed by repeated mass shootings, the question has become, Can these kids actually do it?

Ouch, our eyes, they won’t stop rolling.

Interesting how the one ‘kid’ who is working with both sides of the aisle on ACTUAL legislation wasn’t interviewed and isn’t featured on the cover. And by interesting we mean biased, sad and absolutely pathetic.

But they’re changing the world and stuff – they were even on Ellen!

Those whacky kids!

But more importantly:

We know we know.

And we can’t have that, now can we?

But the one kid is barefoot! So whimsical and fun!

They know. And they know we know too.

They just don’t care.


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