Cameron Kasky is working so hard to ban firearms that it seems he’s missed that real change is already happening at the legislative level to curb gun violence in our schools. Or at least his tweet makes it sound like he’s a tad bit uninformed about what the #StopSchoolViolenceAct actually does.

Embarrassed that people are working on legislation that could actually stop gun violence in schools without stomping on the rights of millions of Americans? Yeah, not it. Maybe Cameron’s classmate, Kyle Kashuv who has been working nonstop on this legislation with BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, can help him understand how the bill works.

Sounds like an excellent first step to us.

Oh geez.

How many red flags were missed with Cruz? Kyle is onto something here, Cameron.

Listen to him.

Guns aren’t the issue.

WE KNOW, his talking points are all about banning guns and that guns are bad m’kay, but the real issue is the person PULLING THE TRIGGER.

Kid gets it.

Yeah yeah, we’re not supposed to pick on these kids … so we won’t.

But so much head shaking here.

Instead, we’ll just let Kyle finish the debate he started.


Class is in session y’all.

And it’s taking steps that won’t punish millions of innocent Americans.

Keep fighting the good fight, Kyle. We hear you!


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