WaPo took it upon themselves to compare Roseanne’s revival to a show from the 70’s because her character is a Trump supporter.

From Newsbusters:

The Washington Post on Tuesday looked at the upcoming revival of the classic ’90s sitcom Roseanne. Because it’s been announced that the character of Roseanne is a Trump supporter now, the Post’s Hank Stuever compared her to ‘70s bigot Archie Bunker.

The article’s headline screamed: “Rebooted Roseanne is a proud ‘deplorable.’ Can she be the Trump era’s Archie Bunker?”

Roseanne was less than impressed with their take on her show.

Repeat after us, Roseanne … BUUUUUUT TRUUUUUUUMP.

No, it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense but this is the media of 2018 and they will do anything to support the narrative that Trump supporters are bad people.

Until the final season, Roseanne focused on middle America, and the struggles many of us face with family, jobs, friends, and money. The Conners could have been neighbors to every one of us … well, except for people on the coasts who seem to look down their noses at people ‘like that.’

We imagine the ratings will be through the roof.

And there ya’ go, some sanity. Just because you don’t like Trump doesn’t mean you can’t love Roseanne and her new show.

Don’t be doorknobs, Lefties.


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