If you’ve seen a lot of ‘hullabaloo’ floating around in the media and on social media about Facebook ‘data harvesting’ but aren’t entirely sure what to make of it, Ben Shapiro summed it up in three very simple and easy to understand truths.

What a giver.

He’s right, it’s not complicated.

Or in other words, seems the Right beat the Left at its own game in 2016 and NOW they want the ‘data harvesting’ to stop. Remember the big deal the media made about Obama’s ‘outreach’ on social media and how amaze-balls it was?


But now it’s a problem.


It would be easier to list things the Left doesn’t blame the Right for.

Give us a minute, we’re thinking.

HEY! We love Facebook, where else can we get inundated with ads that magically show up that reflect recent Google searches and annoying chain letters that claim if you don’t send them to 13 people your third cousin twice removed will have a bad day at work?

Something like that.

‘Nuff said.


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