You know if Debbie Wasserman-Schultz saw Dennis’ ‘zinger’ she would not be amused.

Unlike the rest of us who giggled like idiots when we read it.

But then again, she likely has him either muted or blocked as that seems to be her go-to when people disagree with her … or tell her hard truths like this one.

Hyphen, people.


*note, we realize he misspelled her last name but OMG LOL anyway*


That somehow makes this joke more troubling and less funny.

The stuff that nightmares are literally made of, thanks for this.



Stop it.

Not enough eye bleach in the WORLD.

We didn’t say it. Sure, we laughed and used the tweet but we didn’t say it.

Ok, we may have even THOUGHT IT.

Nag nag nag.

And we just threw up a little in our mouths.

Thanks for this as well.


True story.


PLETHORA of dumb! Sean Spicier SUPER-triggers Lefties with tweets about Mueller, McCabe (bonus Jennifer Rubin slam)

*HIC* Dennis Miller might need the witness protection program after THIS Hillary joke, but you’ll ROFL