The moment Jeff Sessions followed the advice from the FBI disciplinary office that he should fire Andrew McCabe we KNEW the Sean Spicer parody account (@sean_spicier) would have a plethora of stupid on his timeline … and we weren’t disappointed.

Every time we write about this account, dozens (hundreds?) of people ask us how the Left can miss that this is not the real Sean Spicer account and every time all we can do is shrug and laugh.

Because it’s hilarious.

Class is his new thing.

Wait, they’re still getting confused about this account not being Sean Spicer?! They really don’t have any brains, do they?

Never fails.

Maybe he missed Andrea Mitchell openly telling Democratic Congressmen to hire the liar McCabe so he could get his pension. So yes, seriously.


And true.

Well, we think … she’s at least a WaPo Conservative. Whatever that means.

Spicier also hit Mueller:

You know who’s really sad? McCabe.


Cheap shot, our bad.


Oh honey.

We can’t believe these people are real.

RIGHT?! Hillary, MOVE ON!

And CNN does it every day.


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