We’ve covered the Sean Spicer parody account (@sean_spicier) ‘fooling’ several accounts on Twitter, some of them ordinary Leftist meat-sacks, some of them actual thinking human beings (a tad rare) and still OTHERS who are what we call ‘big fish.’

Pretty sure this is the biggest fish he’s caught in a long while although The Washington Times was pretty epic over the weekend:

Oh, Jim.

Jim, Jim, Jim.


Man, it’s like he wants us to make fun of him.

And who are we to disappoint him?

Guess he doesn’t want Russian bots to have voices. Psh.


A big one!

Wonder how people responded to Jim’s tweet?

Whoops, couldn’t tell you because he blocked us.

Temper temper.

Actually, he did block this editor, but we can still see the tweet:


He can’t, that’s just their GO-TO when they get embarrassed or schooled.

And folks, you never want to get SPICED.


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