It’s Sunday morning, so what better time to go back through the week and look at the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) account’s timeline which we KNEW would be LIT with the chaos of the past week PLUS the release of the FISA memo.

Pretty safe to say that people have figured out that Spicer is no longer Press Secretary (they are super dedicated to hating on Sarah Sanders), but there are still SOME people out there who think this is Sean Spicer.

Thank God.



Huh? Oh, the irony of telling a parody account they don’t have to pretend anymore while thinking they’re the real deal.


Enter McCabe, or should that be exit McCabe?

He took off faster than an Andrew McCabe out of the FBI – that’s a little clunky dude, but it could work.

And he hangs the certificate on his fridge.

OMG indeed.


Always good to plan ahead.

Jonah isn’t wrong here.

Gosh, Chris certainly put Sean in his place.

So friendly and polite.


So violent.

Way to go! We think?



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