Tucker Carlson interviewed Dan Bongino about gun control in America and how absolutely frustrating it is for innocent, law-abiding, legal gun owners to be punished for a crime they had nothing to do with.


Dan is absolutely right, Americans are frustrated, and they should be. Knee-jerk legislation that even lightly treads on the Second Amendment is unacceptable and will do nothing to stop future shootings. All this really does is allow legislators to pat themselves on the back and pretend they did something.

And for whatever reason, this interview triggered (there’s that word again) a very emotional and seemingly mental Tom Arnold.


Tom. You know how you get when you’re hungry. Man, eat a Snickers bar.

Dan responded in kind:

It was a bizarre tweet from Arnold, right? And it seems to have had the opposite effect that Tom was looking for.


Yes, yes he did.


Double oops.

Maybe Tom should spend more time talking to and listening to someone like Dan Bongino who actually knows what he’s talking about and less time tweeting bizarre attack-rants on Twitter.

He’d get a lot further.


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