What’s the old saying? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Yeah, that’s it.

Ryan Petty lost his daughter Alaina in the Feb. 14 shooting at Stoneman Douglas. You may not be as familiar with his face or his story though because the media has not exactly gone out of their way to cover Mr. Petty and his message supporting the bipartisan #StopSchoolViolenceAct versus calling for a gun ban.

Here is his story:

Petty has been working overtime to support legislation that could actually make a difference when it comes to stopping gun violence in school, which is why we were confused when Jeff Kasky (gun-control advocate Cameron Kasky’s father) attacked him for simply reaching out.

Jeff was originally reacting to Orrin Hatch when Petty engaged him:

In other words, stop arguing about the Second Amendment and work with us to make a real difference in our schools.

Classy, Mr. Kasky.

Kasky couldn’t be bothered to actually address Kyle, but he did subtweet him with William Legate (the guy who has 99.999999999% of Conservative Twitter blocked).

He has a lot of nerve ‘forgiving’ Kyle.

See a pattern here?

Pretty awful.

And speaking of awful:

But we thought we were supposed to listen to these young people, Mr. Kasky.


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