Jesse Kelly wrote an exceptional piece about how good fathers raise their sons … and of course, liberal and beta-male Twitter lost their damn minds over it.

We so love this piece.

From The Federalist:

My sons are seven and nine. They have been told their entire lives that I will bring down holy terror on them if I ever find out they bullied someone. But they also have been told it is their duty to stop bullying by any means necessary. Do not fool yourself into believing the feel-good lies society tells you about how to stop a bully. From now until forever, the best way is a punch in the nose.

What’s the saying? Oh yeah … damn son.

Cue the perpetual whining and judging from the bench:

Someone seems a little sensitive.



Poor dear.

This editor is proud to raise a MAN … there are plenty of boys out there already, thank you very much.

Yup, talking about YOU, Whiny McWhiny.

Teach them to protect and respect the ones they love, to cherish their families and to be proud of the country they call home.

The rest will just fall into place.

Love this so much.


Lefties and betas are silly, ain’t they?


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