Sarah Sanders was interviewed by Fox & Friends, so you know before we even write about the topic they discussed, the Left lost their damn minds. Sanders could literally take a selfie of herself grocery shopping and the Left would scream that she was some sort of white privileged Nazi because she chose red apples over green ones.

She makes them nutty.

Which, to be fair doesn’t take much, but still:

Months ago, Trump agreed to help make 1.8 million Dreamers American citizens over the next 12 years, and somehow that just wasn’t enough for the Democrats. Truth be told if they were truly concerned about making sure DACA doesn’t fail they would have accepted this first step and continued to work for what they really want.

But like Sanders points out, they would rather use them for their campaigning during the midterms.

Oh, and if you want to see the temper tantrum people threw over just this tiny little interview? Take a gander …

This person’s name seems appropriate.


To be fair, both parties are playing politics with the DACA issue, but the Republicans aren’t the ones pretending they only CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

Or, we can take this a step further and point out that Obama took the easy way out with DACA instead of going through Congress which ultimately set these folks up to fail so he could protect his ‘legacy.’

Talk about using them as pawns.


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